Coaching (Personal Growth): Develop Daily Habits to Support Your Goals—This worksheet helps people create a plan to develop daily habits which can reduce stress and move them closer to achieving their goals.

Children (Behavior/Self-Control): Thinking About the Consequences of Your Behavior—This worksheet teaches children about the short- and long-term consequences of their behavior.

Adult (Interpersonal Effectiveness): Become a Better Listener—This worksheet teaches the Listening Cycle, a research-based approach for helping people become better listeners.

Couples (Communication):  Evaluating the Problems in Your Relationship—This worksheet encourages couples to identify problems they are experiencing in their relationship and start communicating about them.

Teens (Depression): Why Am I So Sad?—This worksheet helps teens understand that sadness is a normal emotion and that if it continues over a period of time, they can find ways to cope with it, particularly with the help of concerned adults.

Practice Management (Finances): Ethical Payment Practices for Therapists—This document outlines ways therapists can adhere to sound ethical practices regarding fees.

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