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bullet Forms
Psychotherapy Agreement With a Minor — This form is intended to be used with older children or teens as a means to introduce the concept of confidentiality in therapy. The form should be modified to fit the needs of the individual therapist or clinic. Form Type: MSWord. (914)

Termination Letter for Conflict of Interest — This template can be used to document the termination of a client due to a conflict of interest. (MSWord)

Payment Agreement for Past Services — This form can be used to document and have the client acknowledge fees owed for past services. (MSWord)

Authorization to Release Confidential Information to Professionals — This form is used to authorize patients into releasing their confidential information to other professionals. (MSWord)

bullet Worksheets
Initial Session Solution Focused Questions — This worksheet can be used as a guide for therapists to ask solution-focused questions during the early sessions of therapy. The questions are designed to stimulate the growth process of clients from their very first encounter with a therapist. PDF

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