Clinical Notes

Between Sessions makes keeping accurate, thorough clinical notes easy. Check out our clinical note template that helps you ensure you’ve covered all the bases with a new patient, created an effective treatment plan, or set up therapy process that helps everyone in your group therapy session. Use these counseling forms in conjunction with our other patient assessment form selections, intake forms, and office management forms for an efficiently working therapy practice.

Session Feedback Form — Clinicians can use this form to get feedback on each session. Ongoing feedback has been shown to foster a therapeutic alliance, a critical factor in client change. (081619)

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Initial Session Checklist — This checklist is designed to help therapists make sure that they have “covered all the bases” with their new clients. The list includes 20 common tasks, from providing the client with your own background and treatment methods, to obtaining appropriate intake forms, and giving clients the required HIPAA forms.. This form is modifiable so you can change it to suit your own professional needs. Form Type: MsWord (1214)

Treatment Plan — This generic treatment plan can be modified and used for to document client objectives, strategies, and methods of assessment. Form Type: MsWord (1214)

Therapeutic Task List — This form can be used to keep track of therapeutic tasks/homework. (MSWord)

Session Notes — This form can be used as a model for session notes. (MSWord)

Intervention Strategy Notes — This form can be used to keep track of in session strategies as well as therapeutic homework. (MSWord)

Pre-Session Questions — This form can be used to "warm-up" a client for a session. It can be completed in the waiting room or the morning before a session. (MSWord)

Group Session Notes — This form can be used to provide a brief summary of group therapy process. (MSWord)

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Therapy Session Agenda — This form can be used by therapists or counselors to focus clients on a specific agenda for an individual session. You can either give it to a client in the waiting room, or you can use it for your own notes. PDF (0216)

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