Coping with Failure

This worksheet is designed to help people cope with failure using a 7-step process.  (0123, depression, work issues, self-esteem, self-efficacy)

Changing Your Habits by Understanding the “Four Tendencies” Personality Framework

This worksheet asks people to think about their personality in one of four categories: upholder, questioner, rebel, or obliger.  It then gives 7 techniques to help people can change a habit.  Charts are included to help people track and change their habits  (0123, habits, problem-solving, impulse control)

Cultivating the Habits of Successful People

This worksheet details the habits and skills common to successful people, such as social awareness, networking, a passion for learning and self-improvement, and so on.  The worksheet includes a chart for people to keep track of their success-oriented activities and behaviors. (1122, work, success, motivation, achievement, fulfillment)

How to Stop Feeling “Stuck”

Many people have the feeling of being “stuck” in their lives.  This worksheet gives people practical ways to make the changes they need to feel they are making progress toward their life goals and feel that their lives are valuable and fulfilling. (0322, depression, happiness, transition)

Practicing the Triple-A Listening Technique to Improve Listening Skills

This worksheet describes a “Triple-A Technique” listening technique that involves:  Attitude, Attention, and Adjustment.  It includes a brief assessment to help people see if they have problems in listening and lists some basic active listening skills.  The worksheet includes a chart to help people practice this technique. (0322, communication, listening skills, ADHD, ASD, Asperger Syndrome)

Starting an Emergency Fund to Avoid Anxiety About Your Finances

This worksheet is designed to help people take some of the worries out of their finances by showing them how to set up an emergency fund. The worksheet suggests 9 specific strategies with questions to help people get started, anticipate articles, and get feedback on their plan. (0122, coaching, finances, financial)

What Are Your Coaching Goals?

This worksheet is designed to help people understand the process of setting coaching goals and what they hope to achieve in their coaching journey. (1021. Coaching, goal setting)

Develop Daily Habits to Support Your Goals

This worksheet helps people develop a plan to develop daily habits which can reduce stress and move them closer to achieving their goals (0821, coaching, goals)

Setting Your Financial Goals

This worksheet is designed to help people create a basic budget considering all income and expenses. It also asks a person to consider how he/she can cut expenses and/or create more income. (0821. Budget, financial planning)

Choosing the Right Career Path

This worksheet is designed to help people assess their skills, achievements, and values to determine a best-fit career path. (0821 career choice)