Finding Hope: A Teen’s Guide to Overcoming Depression

This workbook contains 12 activities to help teens understand their depression and develop skills to find hope, manage stress, reach out to others, and more. (0223, depression)

“Threes” Tracking Form

This worksheet is designed to help people with depression appreciate small changes in their attitude.  It asks them to look back at the past week and record three things they felt confident about, three things they coped with, three things that made them happy, and so on. (0123, depression)

The Perth Empathy Scale

The Perth Empathy Scale (PES) is a 20-item self-report measure of empathy ability. The PES measures people’s ability to recognize emotions in others (cognitive empathy) and vicariously experience others’ emotions (affective empathy), across positive and negative emotions. (0123, assessment, empathy)

Stop Putting Yourself Down! (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens develop a more positive self-image.  There are 10 suggestions on how they can develop a better self-image, and a chart for teens to keep track of their accomplishments. Follow-up questions help teens explore other factors that can contribute to a positive self-image. (0123, self-esteem, self-image, positive psychology, depression)

Teen Depression Screening

The PHQ–9 is a 13-question screening tool that asks teens to rate symptoms of depression they had in the past two weeks. The simple scoring can indicate the possible existence of different levels of depression and the need for follow-up. (0122. depression, assessment)

Coping with Feeling Excluded (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens deal with being excluded. It instructs them to accept their feelings, avoid jumping to conclusions, communicate their needs, pay attention to their strengths, and more. Questions help teens explore the times they have felt excluded and think about what they could have done differently. (1222, social skills, loneliness, peer pressure)

Keep Calm and Relax (Teens)

This worksheet helps teens learn relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing, meditation, visualization, and more. A chart is included to help teens keep track of how practicing relaxation techniques affects their moods. (1222, relaxation, emotional regulation, stress)

Assess Your Stress (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help educate teens about positive and negative stress. It explains that negative stress can lead to physical as well as psychological symptoms.  It also suggests activities to help teens reduce stress. (1122, stress, anxiety, depression)

Bad Day Do-Over (Teens)

This worksheet gives teens the tools to deal with difficult emotions that can translate into a “bad day.” Learning emotional regulation can of course translate into a lifetime of handling difficulties and stress. (1122, emotional regulation, stress)

Practicing Self-Kindness

This worksheet encourages people to increase their kindness to themselves.  It gives 14 suggestions on how to increase self-compassion. (0822, self-care, self-compassion)

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