Developmental Issues
I Love My Father

This picture book for young children is designed to help children appreciate and express love for their fathers. It is also intended to help fathers understand how important they are in the lives of their children. (0622. family, parenting, fathers)

Kindness – Pass it On Poster

This poster is designed to help people remember the importance of daily acts of kindness. (0715)

Be Considerate In Your Conversations

Some children are naturally empathetic, but many others have to be taught the importance of considering the feelings of others. This worksheet is designed to help children be more sensitive to how others may be feeling in a conversation. Form Type: PDF (0415)

Good Behavior Program and Coloring Book

This ebook doubles as a coloring book and behavior program that teaches kids 30 positive behaviors. Parents find it easier to reward positive behaviors than to use conventional discipline techniques. The program also teaches kids emotional and social skills that will go far beyond the traditional definition of good behavior.

Developmental History Form

This form is intended to obtain a comprehensive history on young clients. (0620)

Discipline for Kids

This handout describes positive discipline techniques for children, including time out, removal of toys, and active listening. A good starting point for parents of children with behavior problems. Form Type: PDF 914

Sexual Development and Behavior In Children

This handout is designed to help parents understand the sexual development and typical behavior of children and to respond appropriately. Form Type: PDF. 914

What Happens When Someone Dies?

This worksheet will help children talk about their concerns about what happens when someone dies. Keep in mind that talking about death is an ongoing discussion, and make sure they know that they can ask questions and talk about their feelings at any time.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Child Abuse And Neglect

This fact sheet was developed by the Child Welfare Gateway and should be given to anyone who works with children. It defines the various types of child abuse and neglect according to Federal guidelines, and can be helpful in detecting signs of abuse or neglect.

Look What I Can Do

Colorful book for kids on developmental milestones. (PDF)