Life Coaching
Your Wellness Checkup

The worksheet suggests that people do a wellness checkup in 8 areas of their life: safety and security, relationships, environment, mental health, cognitive health, physical health, community, and purpose. It provides a form for people to rate themselves in each area from “in crisis” to “doing great.”

Asking Good Questions

This worksheet deals with the type of communication many people take for granted-asking good questions. The Worksheet review the 3 basic types of questions and 10 points on how to ask good questions that move a conversation forward and make it interesting for another person. (0620, social skills, conversational skills, communication)

The Mindfulness Workbook

This workbook contains 12 worksheets that teach important mindful practices including letting go, being positive, staying in the present, mindful breathing, having healthy boundaries, and more.

Coping with Trauma Passed Down from Your Family

This worksheet is designed to help people affected by intergenerational trauma.  It explains how this trauma can occur and how it can affect people. Suggestions are given as to how to overcome the stress of this type of trauma. (0522, trauma, PTSD, family therapy, racism, survivors)

Coping with Microaggressions

This worksheet is designed to help people deal with “microagressions, ” brief verbal, behavioral, or situational actions and statements that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative slights and insults toward members of oppressed or targeted groups. Microaggressions may demean a person’s race, gender, weight, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, age, disability, or health status.  The worksheet describes a process on how people can think about and react to microaggressions. (0522, prejudice, discrimination, diversity, aggression)

Finding Peace in a Troubled World

This worksheet is designed to help people who are distressed by the barrage of news dealing with war, political unrest, the economy and more.  It gives 16 suggestions on how people can cope with the difficulties around them and a chart to record how successful they were in scheduling activities that reduce stress. (0522, stress, news)

Coping with Living Alone After a Separation

This worksheet gives people going through a separation of divorce suggestions on how to deal with this transition and manage loneliness.  There are questions to help people explore how to find new enjoyable activities, how to do tasks and chores that were once shared, what people can do for self-improvement and more. (0522, divorce, separation)

Boosting Your Mood with Music (Mindfulness Worksheet)

This Mindfulness Worksheet challenges people to use music to boost their mood on seven consecutive days. A chart is given to for people to identify specific songs that help improve their mood. (0522, mindfulness, music therapy, emotions, emotional regulation)

Finding Closure on an Upsetting Memory

This worksheet is designed to help people identify when upsetting memories need closure.  It gives four strategies to help find closure on these memories including: create distance, reinterpret, observe, divert and distract. (0522, memories, grief, divorce, loss, healing, PTSD)

Adjusting to Dorm Life

This worksheet is designed to help new college students have a better experience in their dormitory.  It suggests specific ways to deal with roommates while also paying attention to their own wellness needs.  (0522, college, relationships, transitions, adjustment)