Parent Coaching
Practicing Self-Kindness

This worksheet encourages people to increase their kindness to themselves.  It gives 14 suggestions on how to increase self-compassion. (0822, self-care, self-compassion)

Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome

This worksheet is designed to help parents who are experiencing an “empty nest” when their young adult child leaves home. Suggestions are given to help parents cope with the loss they may feel and a chart is provided (0822, college, family therapy, depression)

Helping Your Child with Daily Transitions

This worksheet is designed to help parents of children who have a difficult time with daily changes that triggers tantrums, whining, and meltdowns.  Twelve practical suggestions are listed for parents to try, including: making transitions a game, using positive reinforcement, and providing a transition object to teach kids self-soothing.  A chart is provided to help parents keep track of which activities are most effective. (0522, parenting, ASD, Autism, ADHD, inflexible, behavior problems)

Practicing Forgiveness Using the REACH Technique

This worksheet gives people a 5-step approach to learning how to forgive others in a way that will build positively affect relationships. This technique is highly recommended for use in marital and family therapy. (0422, forgiveness, relationships, communication)

The Caring Calendar

What could be more important than caring?  This tool by is designed to give families practical ways to support caring for others as well as self-care in the home. (0422, emotional intelligence, caring, self-care)

Helping Your Child Adjust Following Separation and Divorce

This worksheet is designed to help parents think about how the things they can do to help their children adjust to a separation or divorce. There are eight specific suggestions plus questions which can help parents prepare for difficult conversations.  (0322, parenting, divorce)

Do You Complain Too Much About Your Divorce?

This worksheet is designed to help people going through divorce understand if their constant complaining is getting in the way of their growth.  It suggests a 6-step process for people to better understand their complaining and how it can interfere with their relationships. (0322, divorce, communication, relationships)

Helping Your Child Cope with a Loss

This worksheet is designed to give parents an overview of things they should do, and not do, in helping their children cope with a significant loss.  It includes a family drawing activity to children talk about their feelings. (0322, loss, grief, mourning)

Solving Your Problems in Five Simple Steps

This worksheet describes a five-step process of solving problems helping people generate possible solutions and take appropriate actions.  (0222, problem-solving, simple solutions, brainstorming, goals)

Setting Boundaries with Your Teens (Parenting)

This worksheet is designed to give parents an overview of the importance of setting boundaries for teens. It gives them important information on how to set appropriate boundaries and what to do when teen’s inevitably test boundaries.  The worksheet provides a place for parents to plan on what they will say to their teens and record how things went. (0222, parenting, setting boundaries, family therapy, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, behavior)