Parent Coaching
How to Stop Yelling At Your Kids (Parenting)

This worksheet is designed to help parents who regularly find themselves yelling and shouting at their children. Yelling is not a form of discipline and in the long run, just pushes children away.  There are 11 strategies to try when yelling and shouting is a problem along with questions to help parents gain insight into their behavior. (0122, parenting, behavior problems, family therapy)

Uncovering Unhelpful Core Beliefs

This worksheet helps people examine their core beliefs by analyzing a thought that has been bothering them. (0921, coaching, values, value system, belief system)

Activities to Help Children Deal with Divorce

Developed at the University of Missouri Extension Services, this handout gives parents simple ways to help their children develop coping skills to deal with separation and divorce.

Being a Good Enough Parent

This worksheet is designed to help parents see that they don’t have to be perfect, but rather “good enough.” The worksheet defines the attributes of a “good enough parent,” and asks readers to reflect on their own experiences.

Child Custody Handoff Checklist

Handoffs—delivering the child from one parent to another—can be particularly difficult until a routine is established. This worksheet is designed to help parents establish a routine with a minimal amount of discussion until such time both parents feel they can put aside their differences and easily discuss the needs of their child without blame or recrimination.

ADHD Fact Sheet

General fact sheet on identifying ADHD in children.