Social Skills
Cultivating the Habits of Successful People

This worksheet details the habits and skills common to successful people, such as social awareness, networking, a passion for learning and self-improvement, and so on.  The worksheet includes a chart for people to keep track of their success-oriented activities and behaviors. (1122, work, success, motivation, achievement, fulfillment)

Coping with Gaslighting

This worksheet gives people 10 strategies to deal with gaslighting, a form of emotional abuse designed to cause confusion and self-doubt.  A chart is included to help people evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques in dealing with these distressing relationships. (1022, marriage therapy, relationships)

How is Jealousy Affecting Your Life?

This worksheet is designed to help people understand how jealousy affects their relationships and what they can do to change self-destructive behaviors. (1022, jealousy, relationships, family therapy, marriage counseling)

Identifying Triggers

This form helps clients identify triggers and habits and ways they can increase alternative behaviors. (triggers, impulsivity, 0922)

Task Completion

This form helps clients develop a strategy to realistically estimate time for specific tasks. (ADHD, time management, 0922)

Controlling Your Urges

This form helps clients control the urge to do something they know is self-defeating or harmful. (0922, impulse control)

Functional Behavior Assessment

This tool can be used to identify what is contributing to a child’s behavior issues (0922, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, behavior, assessment tools)

Anxiety Scale (faces)

This scale allows clients to describe their level of anxiety (0922, anxiety disorders)

Anger Control Thermometer

This scale allows clients to describe what makes them angry and ways to cope. (0922, anger management)

Pain Scale

This scale allows people to rate their pain level using visual cues or verbal descriptions. (0922, pain scale)

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