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The Dirt on Divorce and How Our Therapy Tools Might Help the Transition

As a therapist, you know how prevalent divorce is today. The CDC reports that over 50% of first marriages end in divorce, and the rate is much higher for second and third marriages. With over 90% of people in Western cultures marrying by the age of 50, that’s a lot of people out in the world who are hurting from divorce–and that doesn’t take into account the children of divorce. We have the therapy tools that you need to help clients in your therapy practice deal with the transition of divorce.

  • For children: What I Need & Want From My Divorced Parents
    Kids don’t often have a say in their parent’s divorce, but they need to be heard. This worksheet will help kids express their needs and their wants, and can be copied so it can be shared with parents.
  • For adults: Are You Ready to Date?
    For adults after their divorce, they may be eager to jump into the dating pool or they may be hesitant to take that emotional gamble again. Help them decide if they are ready to date again with this helpful worksheet.

Chances are you have more than one client in your office dealing with this painful issue. If you do, sign up for Between Sessions today and get instant access to our therapy tools. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to get useful, well researched and well-designed materials to use with your clients without spending more time at your computer than is absolutely necessary. Sign up for our free 7-day trial and you’ll get access to these therapy tools and hundreds of others.

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