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Therapy Resources for Clients Dealing with Bullying

There is a reason our list of bullying therapy resources is so long. Bullying is a major issue, and it isn’t just happening out in the schoolyard. Today, bullying is happening in high school halls, in the workplace, at home, and even online. It’s almost everywhere, and most of your clients have had run-ins with bullies because most of us will over the course of our lifetime. Sometimes bullying is hard to stop, or it may affect our client profoundly. Help them discover how to handle a bully and put an end to the abuse with therapy resources from Between Sessions.

Our therapy resources cover every age. We have resources that teach kids and teens that bullying is never okay, along with anti-bullying posters that can be a great addition to your office or to a classroom. We also offer an extensive list of therapy resources for adults experiencing bullying, which is often an overlooked issue in our society. Download worksheets that explore ways to deal with bullying, look at the effects of bullying, and help clients learn to be more assertive. Our resources even cover the issue of bullies in the workplace and at home.

You can download our therapy resources for bullying along with hundreds of other topics from Between Sessions instantly when you sign up for our service. We’ll make sure you get the resources you need to help your clients with the issues they are tackling in your office. If you aren’t a member of Between Session, signing up only takes a few minutes and then you’ll have access to all of our professionally created therapy resources. Get started with us today and help clients overcome the bullies in their lives.


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