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Therapy Resources to Help You Manage Practice Finances

You didn’t become a therapist because you loved paperwork–you wanted to be able to help people. Unfortunately, running a practice of your own often involves a great deal of paperwork and organization for the financial aspects of your business is a must. Between Sessions can help! Along with our therapy resources, we have practice management forms that help you juggle the financial aspects of your practice with ease. You’ll find fact sheet that help clear up questions you have about financial records and ethical billing, as well as forms for receipts for therapy sessions, sliding scale agreements, weekly expense logs, and much more.

These forms will help you focus on the parts of your practice that you love: helping people feel better about themselves and improving their lives. You won’t need to spend hours creating these forms from scratch because they are available for instant download from our website with your subscription to Between Sessions. Copy and print as many forms as you need and get the financial side of your practice in order. You’ll be thrilled with the way you can quickly organize and take care of the necessary paperwork so you can get back to focusing on your clients.

Check out the resources available for instant download on our website right now. Be sure to check out some of the other resources available for practice management, including session note forms, intake forms, consent forms and many others. It’s all available from our website and ready to download instantly. Not a member of Between Sessions? Sign up today and get your first seven days for free!

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