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Therapy Resources to Keep Client Documentation Organized

One complaint we hear from many therapists is that they find it difficult to keep up with all of the paperwork each client requires. Between medical billing, insurance statements, session notes and legal documentation, each client that comes into your office requires a great deal of paperwork. The Between Sessions team knew that we could help with the right therapy resources, so we got to work on developing and designing forms and documents that would kee you from being buried in a paperwork avalanche.

Check out our online store and find a huge variety of therapy documentation resources. These resources are meant to be printed, copied, and used for each of your patients. You’ll love the way that these resources keep you organized, and how you can see at a glance what documentation you need and where to find it. Download emergency contact forms, session notes, treatment plans, termination notices, treatment agreements, incident reports and much more. All of these therapy resources are available for immediate download, and you’ll love having instant access to resources created specifically with your therapy practice in mind.

Need a resource to keep your client documentation organized that you don’t see on our website? Visit us to request a new tool and our development team will get on it right away. You’ll be able to download your new resource and we’ll share it with other therapists who can also use it. Check out all of our great practice management forms and documentation resources on our website today!

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