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Overcoming OCD Therapy Assignment Workbook — This complete therapy assignment workbook will be useful in a comprehensive treatment plan for people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The 180-page manual takes a comprehensive approach to treating, OCD, drawing from CBT, ACT, and behavioral therapy. (1018)

Overcoming Your Creative Blocks — This ebook is a great resource for people in the creative arts, as well as those who want to bring creativity into any profession. Written by a therapist with more than 30 years treating creative blocks, it contains 44 different techniques drawn from a variety of therapeutic modalities. (0118)

The Book of Psychotherapeutic Homework — This workbook is designed to give clients a range of therapeutic exercises and activities to accelerate their growth in therapy. The 39 activities are divided into sections that teach new emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and social skills. The workbook includes activities to help clients think about what is really helping them and how to deal with setbacks. Bonus worksheets provide clients with a list of emergency hotlines and guidelines on choosing a new generation of mental health apps. (1217)

Breaking Free of Addiction — This therapy assignment workbook is designed to give people struggling with drug and alcohol use 42 new tools to help them understand their problems and find permanent solutions that will enrich their lives. 166 pp. (1017)

Overcoming Depression-Workbook — This assignment book contains 44 activities to help people overcome their symptoms and develop the habits associated with happiness. (0517)

The Panic Attack Workbook — The Panic Attack Workbook is a collection of 30 assignments to be used by clients in conjunction with therapy. The sections of the book teach skills in four areas, including: understanding panic attacks, learning to self-calm, tolerating anxiety and discomfort, replacing fears with rational thinking and working towards a permanent change. (anxiety, panic, homework, 0317)

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