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Guidebook for Teens Seeking Adoption — This guidebook, prepared by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, is designed to help teens going through a legal separation from their parents and being placed for adoption. The workbook presents a variety of exercises for younger teens to help them understand and adjust this this process. Type: PDF (0915)

Initial Sessions: Practical Tools For Better Therapy Outcomes — This one of a kind book for psychotherapists and counselors includes 31 forms for therapists to use in the first sessions with a new client. The forms in the book are designed to help therapists gather appropriate clinical information and set therapeutic goals and strategies, while also attending to the important legal and ethical concerns of operating a clinical practice. Form Type: MSWord (121714) Ebook

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12 Essential Practice Management Forms — This book is designed to give clinicians easy access to basic practice management forms. It is in MSWord format, and will download automatically when you click on it. Feel free to modify the forms as you see fit adding your contact information, logo, and other relevant information. Please note that we have many additional practice management forms available to member on this site. Use the search box to find what you are looking for. Type: MSWord. (0115)Ebook.

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The Ultimate ADHD Toolkit for Parents and Teachers — Created by Additude Magazine, this guide has great tools to help parents be appropriate advocates in school for their ADHD kids.

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