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Are you still using last-century therapeutic methods to help your clients? We’ve combined evidence-based therapies with groundbreaking technology that can accelerate client growth by 30% or more.  And we’ve just released our “No Writing” Progress Notes Generator and “Done for you” Treatment Planner.

Find out how all of our one-of-a-kind tools can help you do engage clients like never before.

Progress Notes Generator

Upload a recording and our AI Generator will organize it for you in ways you never imagined.  Save 5 hours writing notes and improve the continuity of your sessions with detailed outlines, signs of problems and progress, and a list of assigned tasks.

Treatment Plan Generator

Tell the Generator about a Client and designate the number of goals, objectives, and interventions you are looking for.  In minutes you’ll receive a comprehensive editable plan.

Library of Tools

You really can’t find a larger collection of therapy, counseling, and coaching tools anywhere. Our 2500 tools include workbooks, worksheets, audio, printable games, and more for every age group.

Interactive Telehealth

Our Virtual Counseling Rooms is a one-of-a-kind platform that provides a multi-media experience for telehealth as well as for “between sessions” assignments. Engage clients with videos, card decks, audio, and so much more.

Psychology Forms Filler

You can use the Psychology Forms Filler to modify any of our Tools or Forms. Add text, add or delete a page, and you can even add your logo and practice information. Best of all you can send any PDF to your clients to fill out online and send back to you with one click. 

Workbook Creator

Our one-of-a-kind Workbook Creator lets you create an individual Workbook for a client or a generic workbook for use with your practice or group. Curate the exact worksheets you want to add, and create a cover, and the Workbook Creator will put them in a PDF workbook complete with a Table of Conents.

Our suite of tools will give you more ways to engage your clients, no matter what their age or issues. Click below to learn more about each Feature:

  Evidence-Based Tools Interactive Tools 

You’ve never seen tools like these! And your clients will love them!

Our easy-to-use Tools Can Accelerate Client Growth by 30% or more.

 Our Practice Management Tools Can Save You 5 or More Hours a Week Writing Treatment Plans and Notes. 

Interactive Telehealth

Invite a client into a Room and interact with breathing balls, games, audio, videos, and much more. You can see your client and they can see you, just like any other telehealth platform. 

Create Interactive Therapy Assignments

Clients can visit a Room you create at any time. They can watch videos, listen to audio files, fill out worksheets, play animated games, and much more.

Unleash Your Creativity

Therapists can upload images, videos, Youtube videos, worksheets, and audio.  You can put engaging content in any Room or even assign multiple Rooms to a client. 

Choose From One of Our 20 Templates.

We get you started with 20 Room Templates with names like The Healing Room, The Emotional Regulation Room, Meditation Room, Rules in School, and more. We create new Template Rooms every week.

2500 Tools with a New Tool Added Every Workday

Psychological Worksheets

Choose from over 2,500 worksheets based on therapies like CBT, DBT, ACT, and others. You’ll find highly engaging worksheets for adults, teens, kids, and couples.

Client Feedback Form

Getting client feedback is a critical element in developing a positive therapeutic alliance, and we make it easy. Send a Session Feedback Form to a client with one click.

Online Games

Psychological games are a great way to get kids, teens, and families talking. Now you can share a Room with a client to play board games, card games, and more. 

Edit Any PDF Tool

Edit any of our PDF tools (or any other PDF you have in your collection). Make any tool your own by adding a logo and practice information.

Workbook Creator

Choose from over 2,500 worksheets based on therapies like CBT, DBT, ACT, and others. You’ll find highly engaging worksheets for adults, teens, kids, and couples.

Assignment Workbooks

Getting client feedback is a critical element in developing a positive therapeutic alliance, and we make it easy. Send a Session Feedback Form to a client with one click.

Measure Progress

You’ll find dozens of therapeutic tools to measure progress in our Library of Tools. And now with our Progress Notes Generator, you can upload any tool and have it summarized for you. 

Practice Management Forms

We have over 200 Practice Management Forms you can edit with ease. Add your company information or your logo. Then place the forms in a Virtual Counseling Room for your clients to fill out online. No more sending forms back and forth!

You can’t afford to miss out, and neither can your clients!

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The World’s Only Interactive Mental Health Platform

Unleash your creativity and the creativity of your clients, with the Virtual Counseling Rooms software. We’ve married evidence-based psychology with some really unique technology. In minutes you can create telehealth Rooms with animation, video, audio, gamification, and more.

You can create Rooms with our Templates or create Rooms from scratch.

Best of all, your clients can use the Rooms you create whenever they want, adding their own images, audio, and video.

Your clients will love the Virtual Counseling Rooms!



The Largest Library of Therapeutic Tools on the Internet

You’ve never seen anything like the Between Sessions Library. Our collection of 2,500+ evidence-based tools includes worksheets, audio files, printable games, and a growing collection of assignment workbooks on topics like Binge Eating, PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and More.

Edit any Tool or Form with the Psychology Forms Filler

Our members tell us that our Psychology Forms Filler is a “game-changer.” Take any of the tools from our Libraries, modify them as you like, and send them to a client with one click. Clients can then fill out tools or forms online, and download or send them back to you for your files. You can use the Forms Filler with any PDF you might have in your practice.

Create Workbooks, Measure Progress, Enhance Your Therapeutic Alliance

We created the Client Progress Accelerator (CPA) based on the latest research on client outcomes. Start by sending a client a Problem Checklist and let our algorithm select just the right worksheets to address their problems. Start a session with our Agenda Form, which also measures a client’s Self-Efficacy. Use the Session Feedback Form not only for feedback but also as a measure of Therapeutic Alliance, the number one predictor of client outcomes.

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