The Virtual Counseling Room Telehealth Platform

The Virtual Counseling Room is a “break-through” telehealth platform that allows therapists and counselors to interact with their clients while doing a video call. The therapist can create “Rooms” for therapists to meet in featuring a dozen Elements including animation, video, audio, digital games, and much more.

In addition, clients can visit the Rooms between sessions to interact with the various therapeutic Elements.

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Virtual Counseling Room Features

Use One of 20 Templates

We have created 20 Template Rooms to get you started for children, teens, and adults.  Room names include: Dare to Share (teens), Childhood Memories (adults), Rules in School (children), and Safe Place (teens and adults). 

We will be adding new Rooms every week on topics like EMDR, PTSD, Self-Injury, and Mindful Meditation. 

Create Your Own Therapy Rooms

Our interactive platform allows you to modify any of our Template Rooms, subtracting or adding Elements as you see fit. But that’s just the beginning!  You can also create your own Rooms from scratch and assign the Room to a specific client. You can even create your own Template to use a Room you created with multiple clients. 

Clients Can Use the Rooms at Home

Clients have their own portals which contain the Room or Rooms you have assigned to them.  With your permission, clients can then use the interactive Elements you have put in the Rooms AND use the Elements to tap into their own creativity.  Clients can add photos and images, audio, video files, and even Youtube videos.  The possibilities are endless!

You also get these great Features with your Virtual Counseling Room Membership.

Library of Tools

Choose from one of our smaller Libraries or get our entire Library of over 2,000 Tools with a new tool added each and every day, many at our member’s request. Your clients will love our tools. Guaranteed!

Client Progress Accelerator

Included in the Clinical Package, we have developed this software to reflect the most current research on the practices that accelerate client growth. It includes our groundbreaking Workbook Creator.