Using the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Workbook Creator

The SEL Workbook Creator is a breakthrough in helping children of all ages learn skills to deal with social and emotional problems.  You can create an individualized workbook by sending a client or student a Problem Checklist a list of common mental health problems.  Or you can send it to a parent or teacher in the case of younger children.

The software then selects worksheets developed by a team of mental health professionals and the user selects the worksheets that are most appropriate.  

You can then add an introduction and covers and VOILA  you have created a professional-looking complete workbook complete with a Table of Contents.  You can now download the PDF Workbook and print it out for a client. 

You also have the option of creating a more generic workbook for a class, school, group practice, or an entire agency.  

View the tutorial for the SEL Workbook Creator and/or download the slide show.