Membership and Billing

We have a variety of membership levels. You can check your membership level by going to the My Account link. Basic memberships can include a single Library of Tools (Practice Management, Adult Tools, Children and Teen Tools, or Coaching Tools) or All Tools. Each Library includes the Psychology Forms Filler. The Clinical Package includes the Client Progress Accelerator and the Workbook Creator.

Yes, until you cancel.

When you are signed in, go to the My Account link at the top of the page. Then click the Update My Membership link, pick the membership level you would like to have, or cancel.

Yes, we take purchase orders from schools, agencies, and other institutions. Write us at for information about group pricing.

Yes, we do offer discounts for students enrolled in mental health graduate programs. Write us at to find out about our student discount.

Yes, we do offer group discounts. Write us at to get group rates.

Every month you get a receipt for your subscription sent to your email.

Go to the My Account link and you can renew or upgrade your subscription.

Go to the My Account link and you can renew or upgrade your subscription.

Go to the My Account link and you can renew or upgrade your subscription.

If you lost your password, click the Lost Password link on the sign-in page to reset your password.

We will do everything we can to resolve any technical problems as quickly as possible. Write us at or call 866-277-0221. Our offices are open 9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday (Eastern time).

To get a BAA please write us at

Yes, you can purchase any of our assignment workbooks at

Library of Tools

We add a new tool to our Libraries every single workday.

New tools are added to the home page of the Library as soon as they are posted. You can also find tools using the top navigation or through a keyword search.

Yes, you can! Every Library comes with our Psychology Forms Filler, which gives you a variety of editing tools to customize worksheets and forms. You can add images, white-out text, add text, and much more. Click the Edit/Send button by each Tool to make changes. See the tutorial "Using the Psychology Forms Filler" for complete instructions.

You can use copyrighted materials from Between Sessions Resources for any professional use (as long as you keep the copyright on the page). You cannot resell the materials from Between Sessions Resources. If you wish to use the material for any other commercial purposes (such as workshops or online courses), you must obtain permission from the company by writing to us at

If you can't find the tool you are looking for, ask us to create it for you! It usually takes us about 10 working days to create a worksheet or form. To request a tool, just write us at and describe what you are looking for in as much detail as possible.

Yes, you can email an entire workbook to a client as a PDF or send it using our Psychology Forms Filler. Just click the "Edit/Send" button next to each workbook.

Please note: our software cannot handle sending a workbook that is more than 250 pages. If you're having difficulty sending a workbook, double-check the length of the workbook.

Most of the time we recommend extracting specific worksheets from a workbook using the Psychology Forms Filler so as not to overwhelm a client. To learn how to do this, view the tutorial "Extracting Worksheets from a Workbook" in your PFF dashboard.

Psychology Forms Filler

The Psychology Forms Filler (PFF) allows you to take any PDF from our Library, edit it, and send it to your clients. Your client can then fill it in online using a computer or tablet and send it back to you with one click. You can also upload any of your own PDFs if you wish to modify and send them.

The PFF has a variety of editing tools that allow you to add text, images, white-out text, add and delete pages, and so on.

Yes, absolutely. Just sign in to your Between Sessions account and click the "Psychology Forms Filler" tab. Then upload any PDF you like to edit and send to clients.

Members of Between Sessions Resources have permission to use our tools in any professional manner they see fit. The only restrictions are that the tools can't be resold or used for commercial purposes without permission.

Yes. When you send a worksheet or form to a client with the Psychology Forms Filler (PFF), they will get a link to open it on the client version of the PFF. Once open, a client can fill out the form or worksheet on any computer or tablet. The client can save changes, print the worksheet or form, or send it back to you with one click.

Yes, the PFF is a great way for professionals to have clients fill out intake forms, financial forms, permission forms, and more. Between Sessions has over 100 forms on the site that can be modified with the PFF, or professionals can upload their own forms to send to their clients. The client gets a link to their own version of the PFF, where they can fill out any form using the text tool or even sign forms using the freehand tool.

Client Progress Accelerator

The Client Progress Accelerator is (CPA) uses research-based tools that best predict client growth. It includes three measures, including Client Satisfaction (therapeutic alliance), Behavioral Progress, and Client Motivation (self-efficacy). It also includes our groundbreaking Workbook Creator, where you can create individualized assignment workbooks for clients in less than an hour.

The Workbook Creator is a feature of the Client Progress Accelerator. This unique software allows therapists to create an individualized workbook for a client, based on their client's responses on the Problem Checklist. For a full explanation, view the tutorial located in the CPA dashboard.

All of our tools are derived from research on improving client outcomes. The most research available is on the benefits of assigning therapeutic homework from our Library of Tools and on getting client feedback using the Feedback Form in our Client Progress Accelerator (CPA).