Psychology Forms Filler

Our Psychology Forms Filler is the only PDF editor specifically designed for mental health professionals.

You can upload your own PDF or access the Forms Filler with one click from our Libraries. Modify forms and worksheets any way you like, even adding your own logo and practice information.

You can also extract worksheets from one of our Assignment Workbooks and then send it to a client to fill out online. They can download the finished worksheet to keep and/or send it back to you for your files with one click. Pretty cool!

Edit Any Form or Tool In Seconds

Once you open a PDF in the Forms Filler, you have an array of editing tools to use. Add text or images. Add sticky notes and highlights. Add or delete pages. Save your work to your computer and/or send it to your clients with just a few clicks.


Use Your Own PDF or Use One from Our Library

You can start editing a worksheet from any of our Libraries with just one click. Or you can upload any PDF you like, even a whole book, from your computer. You can add your own logo and information to our practice management forms to create your personalized collection of intake and consent forms.


Extract Worksheets From Any PDF Workbook

We publish a complete assignment workbook for members every other month on topics like depression, resiliency, PTSD, and much more. You can use our Psychology Forms Filler to extract worksheets from these books and even modify them for each client.


Send Tools or Forms to a Client Over Our Secure & Compliant Network

Once you have edited a tool or form, you can send it to your client with just a few clicks. Best of all, your client can fill out the form on any computer or tablet rather than having to print it out.

Archive Tools From Your Clients On Your Portal or Download Them to Your Computer

Once your clients have filled in a worksheet or form, they can send it back to you with one click. You can see when forms are filled in or outstanding from your Forms Filler Dashboard. Keep them in your portal or download them to file with your client records.


A Game Changer for Small Change

Our Forms Filler is half the price of comparable products on the market and you get it free with any of our Libraries. No more printing out forms or worksheets to send to clients. Edit any PDF online and send it to your client with a few clicks. Clients can fill out worksheets or forms with a computer or tablet and send it right back. 

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Library of Tools

With our Library of Tools you’ll never have to wonder what to do with your clients again. You can use our tools as “homework assignments” or use in-session. Our tools include worksheets, complete eBooks, audio files, printable games, and more. And, of course, all our tools are easily modified with our Psychology Forms Filler, included with every Library. Click to learn more about the Libraries.

Client Progress Accelerator

There has never been anything quite like our Progress Accelerator and it’s free with your “All Library” membership. Create an individualized workbook for a client with our proprietary software, which knows what tools will best help your clients based on their filling out a Problem Checklist. Click to learn more about the Progress Accelerator. 

“The Workbook Creator is the single most valuable resource I have ever used in my practice to enlighten my clients.  

It gives me CONFIDENCE that I am a truly competent, valuable (and now insightful) therapist, practicing with evidence-based resources!”  

-Barb Waldren
Therapist, Center for Christian Counseling


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