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psycological worksheets

Psychological Worksheets 

Choose from over 2,000 worksheets based on therapies like CBT, DBT, ACT, and others.  You’ll find highly engaging worksheets for adults, teens, kids, and couples.  

session feedback

Client Feedback Form 

Getting client feedback is a critical element in developing a positive therapeutic alliance, and we make it easy. Send a Session Feedback Form to a client with one click.   

printable games

Printable Games

Psychological games are a great way to a great way to get kids, teens, and families talking.  We give you dozens of printable games you can print out and use with your clients.   


Edit Any PDF Tool

Edit any of our PDF tools (or any other PDF you have in your collection). Make any tool your own by adding a logo and practice information. 

workbook creator

Workbook Creator 

You’ve never seen anything like our Workbook Creator. Send a Problem Checklist to a Client and our software “writes” a book for your client to use for therapy homework.   

assignement books

Assignment Workbooks

We give you more than a dozen workbooks for you to use your clients on subjects like PTSD, OCD, Depression, GAD, and more.  Send an entire workbook to a client or just individual worksheets.  

Measure Progress

Document the progress of each session and also measure progress with our proprietary behavioral metric. See progress trends in minutes along with measures of self-efficacy and therapeutic alliance

psycological worksheets

Practice Management Forms

If you are looking for a Practice Management Form, we probably have it.  We have intake forms, finance forms, permission forms, agreements, and more.  And our Psychology Forms Filler lets you edit forms in minutes. 

The Largest Library of Therapeutic Tools in the World.  

You’ve never seen anything like the Between Sessions Library.  Our collection of 2,000 plus evidenced-based tools includes worksheets, audios, printable games, and a growing collection of assignment workbooks on topics like Binge Eating PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and More.

You can also get memberships for smaller libraries, featuring practice management forms, tools for kids and teens, or coaching tools.

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You can get our complete Library of Tools or just a subset.  We have specialized Libraries for coaches, therapists and counselors who work with children and teens, or therapists who just want practice management tools.  And we upload new tools every day!

Between Sessions has been an invaluable resource for me as a clinician.  It is easy to find a worksheet or workbook that helps me to take my clients to the next step in therapy sessions.  Providing homework between therapy sessions was a critical step often missing from my practice due to time or other constraints.  With Between Sessions I can easily find resources that meet the needs of my clients.  Between Sessions is easily worth 3-4 times what they charge. I highly recommend it to clinicians.

Darin Cox, LCSW Clinical Therapist

Edit any Tool or Form with the Psychology Forms Filler

Our members tell us that our Psychology Forms Filler is a “game-changer.”  Take any of the tools from our Libraries,  modify them as you like, and send them to a client with one click.   Clients can then fill out tools or forms online, and download or send them back to you for your files. You can use the Forms Filler with any PDF you might have in your practice.

The Psychology Forms Filler is included with every subscription level. 


You’ve Never Seen Anything Like the Client Progress Accelerator

We created the Client Progress Accelerator (CPA)  based on the latest research on client outcomes. Start by sending a client a Problem Checklist and let our algorithm select just the right worksheets to address his or her problems.  Start a session with our Agenda Form, which also measures a client’s Self-Efficacy. Use the Session Feedback Form not only for feedback but also as a measure of Therapeutic Alliance, the number one predictor of client outcomes. Find out more.




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