Dare to Share – Sharing Your Struggles

About This Technique

This Room is useful for teens and young adults who feel they must hide their struggles. It provides useful techniques for clients to explore sharing their problems with others.

About This Room

Many therapists report that it is a turning point in therapy when clients begin to share the struggles they are having. This Room features videos from the “Dare to Share” program initiated by the Child Mind Institute. We’ve uploaded 4 videos from their site, and you can certainly upload different videos or ask clients to upload the ones they feel are most meaningful and relevant. The Room also includes a worksheet for clients to share their own struggles and a video uploader if they wish to make their own videos.

Using the Elements in Other Rooms

While you may want to use this Room as-is, you may also want to add the Content to other treatment Rooms. 

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Talking about thoughts, feelings, and mental health can be hard, but sharing struggles opens the door to healing. The Dare to Share campaign features celebrities and kids telling powerful stories about their own challenges and how they found the courage to ask for support. Download tailored resources, explore the video library, and see how none of us are alone when we #daretoshare.


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