Features and Benefits

Become a better therapist, counselor, or coach with our comprehensive Library of Tools and our groundbreaking software. 

Increase Client Involvement

Your clients will thank you for giving them helpful and interesting homework assignments. You’ll never run out of ways to help your clients!

Make It Easier to Teach Psychosocial Skills

Our worksheets are clearly written and easy to fill out with built-in feedback. And you can edit them in any way you like!

Reduce Session No-Shows

Therapy assignments motivate clients in many ways, including making them less likely to skip or forget about a session. 

Reduce Client Drop-Out

Studies show that when clients are assigned homework, they are less likely to drop out prematurely.

Enhance Client Satisfaction

Studies show that clients express a higher level of satisfaction when they are given homework assignments. 

A Library of Tools Clicks Away

There is no need for you to have a bookshelf full of workbooks. Search through thousands of worksheets in minutes!