The right documentation is imperative to the health of your practice and your license. Between Sessions offers counseling forms online available for download that help you document everything you need to track in your therapy practice. Find a mental health assessment formcounseling consent form, agreements, intake forms, and more ready to use right now. We make documentation easy so you can focus on your patients and not your forms.

Session Feedback Form — Clinicians can use this form to get feedback on each session. Ongoing feedback has been shown to foster a therapeutic alliance, a critical factor in client change. (081619)

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Guidelines for Clinicians New to Telehealth — This information sheet contains basic guidelines for those new to telehealth, with resources concerning training, reimbursement, and other telehealth practices. (0420)

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Therapy Assignment Log — This form is designed to be used by clients to keep a record of their therapy assignments. (0717)

Client Emergency Contact Form — This emergency contact form should be filled out by all clients and kept in the client’s record. Form Type: PDF (0515)

Telemental Health Session Notes — This form can be used to document Telemental health sessions via phone, video chat, text, or email. It is designed to be used for billing as well as clinical purposes. The form is in MSWord format so you can change it as you see fit to suit your professional needs. Form Type: MSWord (0315)

12 Essential Practice Management Forms — This book is designed to give clinicians easy access to basic practice management forms. It is in MSWord format, and will download automatically when you click on it. Feel free to modify the forms as you see fit adding your contact information, logo, and other relevant information. Please note that we have many additional practice management forms available to member on this site. Use the search box to find what you are looking for. Type: MSWord. (0115)Ebook.

Treatment Plan — This generic treatment plan can be modified and used for to document client objectives, strategies, and methods of assessment. Form Type: MsWord (1214)

Termination Letter for “No-Shows” — This template can be used for clients who frequently don’t show up without notification. Modify it to suit your own professional needs. (MSWord)

Letter of Termination to Client for Non-Payment — This modifiable form can be used as a template when a client must be terminated for non-payment of agreed upon fees. (MSWord)

Letter of Termination to Client for Inappropriate Behavior — This modifiable form can be used as a template when a client must be terminated for significant inappropriate behavior, including threats, stalking, and aggression. (MSWord)

Couples Therapy Agreement — This form is designed to be given to couples at the beginning of Couples Therapy. It is intended to orient individuals to the basic purpose of Couples Therapy. (MSWord)

Therapist Basic Evaluation — This form can be used by a clinic or group practice to document a client's perception of his/her therapist. (Download) #OM1027

Letter of Termination to Patient — This form can be used as a model for a letter to terminate a patient. Please modify to fit your own needs. Be aware that ethical guidelines about termination may differ from profession to profession and from state to state. (MSWord)

Insurance Authorization Log — This form is used to document patient activity for insurance purposes. Modify to fit your own needs. (MSWord)

Incident Report — This form can be used to report an incident that might have legal or ethical repercussions. (MSWord)

Group Session Notes — This form can be used to provide a brief summary of group therapy process. (MSWord)

Documentation of Services — This form can be used to document services, assignments, and issues/treatment provided in a session. (MSWord)

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My Plan To Keep Myself Safe — This plan can be used as a prevention tool in treating significantly depressed adult clients when there is indication that the client means to harm himself/herself. The plan comes with a detailed therapist guide. This can be an important tool for suicide prevention. (MSWord)

Termination Session Questions & Guidelines — This form is designed to be used during the last session of therapy as a guide towards ending the therapy in the most positive way possible. (MSWord)

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