Between Sessions Resources has one simple mission: to provide mental health professionals with the tools they need to provide the most effective treatment possible to as many people as possible.

To fulfill this mission, we offer over 2,500 therapeutic tools, ground-breaking software, and information about innovations in mental health services.

We are always looking to develop innovative ways to help professionals with their important work.

Embrace Innovation

Subscribe to our blog for up-to-date information about ways that mental health professionals can change lives (including their own) between sessions. Mental health problems have been greatly exacerbated by the Pandemic, and we want to help therapists “think outside the box” in finding new ways to help more people. 


Our original software is designed to give your clients ways to learn new skills and new behaviors that can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.  Our members tell us that no other company that offers more innovative clinical tools, like our Workbook Creator, Psychology Forms Filler, and our measures of Client Satisfaction and Self-Efficacy. 

Member Requested Materials

Even with thousands of downloadable tools, we don’t think we’ve done our job until every client has the tools they need to grow “between sessions.” With this in mind, we are the only publishing company we know of that produces tools at our members’ request. 

Member Created Resources

We love creative individuals who use their talents to help others. We do everything we can to support our members in their efforts to provide products and services to their colleagues. 

Tools that Help You Grow Your Practice

 Our Psychology Forms Filler lets our members individualize any of our tools and forms for their clients.  With our text editor, you can add or subtract pages or text. Even add your own  logo and practice information!

Choose Your Best Fit Membership Level

We want you to have exactly the tools you need, no more and no less. And we want you to have access to them at a price you can afford. That’s why we offer a variety of membership levels as well discounts for students and groups.