The Healing Room for Kids 

About This Technique

There are a variety of tools you can use to help children heal from a trauma or a loss. While some children are very resilient, others are more vulnerable and can display a wide variety of symptoms from depression and anxiety to irritability and anger. This Room contains generic tools that can help all children, such as grounding tools (Feeling Better Card Deck), mindfulness, and deep breathing exercises.  However, when children have been through significant or chronic or trauma, a careful analysis of the child and resources available in the family, school, and community should be considered.  

About This Room

The Healing Room for Kids presents some basic Elements that can teach children to self-calm and regulate their emotions. These Elements include: a video of relaxing music, a breathing Element, a deck of cards to help children develop grounding, and coping skills, a mood rater, and a timer (to encourage children to spend a designated amount of time doing the assigned therapeutic exercises. 


Using the Elements in Other Rooms or from Content Library 

All the Elements in the Healing Room can be used to build a Room specific to a given child.  In addition, worksheets can be found in the Between Sessions Library and in the Virtual Counseling Room Content Library. 

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