Childhood Memories

About This Technique

This room offers a concrete way for clients to explore and express their thoughts and feelings about their childhood by recalling events.


About This Room

This Room offers a way to elicit thoughts, feelings, and memories from a client. The card deck consists of 31 prompts for clients to add pictures or thoughts to their “memory book.” A worksheet, “Finding Closure on Open Upsetting Memories,” may be useful for clients whom you know experienced a difficult or traumatic childhood; however, there may be other worksheets in the Between Sessions Library which might be more appropriate.

Using the Elements in Other Rooms

While you may want to use this Room as-is, you may also want to add the Content to other treatment Rooms. The content can be found below. Follow the directions to add it to any VCR Room.


When you click the ‘Card Deck’ Element, you can add a deck to any room. Click ‘Switch Deck’ to choose this 31-card deck. Note that you can add cards or edit selected cards when you select the ‘Edit’ button.

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YouTube Videos

Memory Recall – This video talks about retrieving and remembering childhood memories.

When You Can’t Remember Childhood Trauma

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