What to Talk About In Therapy Room

About This Technique

A large number of studies show that clients improve more quickly when given assignments between sessions. This Room makes it very easy for clients to upload images or videos, enter text, or express themselves with emojis.

    About This Room

    This Room shows the image of a therapy/counseling Room and a sign on the wall that asks clients to enter images, text, or emojis about what they want to talk about in the next session. The Room also includes a Between Sessions Journal, where clients can enter notes after a session and respond to prompts for things to think about for the next session.

    This generic Room can be useful for teen and adult clients to stay connected with the therapist “between sessions.” It can also be used for specific homework assignments from our Library. Just download a PDF from the Library then upload it to this Room.

    Using the Elements in Other Rooms

    While you may want to use this Room as-is, you may also want to add the content to other treatment Rooms. The content can be found below. Follow the directions to add it to any VCR Room.


    Download the PDF then use the PDF Uploader to add it to a room.


    Download any of the PDF files then use the PDF Uploader to add it to a Room.

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    You may want to refer your clients to articles if they are “stuck” about what to talk about in-session.

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