Using Your LIbrary of Tools

Your Library includes over 2,000 downloadable tools to be used in adult therapy, counseling, and coaching. New tools are added every day and will appear on this home page.

Editing Tools and Sending Them to Clients

You can modify any tool or form that comes with your membership with the  Psychology Forms Filler that comes with your membership. Click Edit/Send by any form, and the Forms Filler will open. Then use the editing tools to add your logo, your practice information, and so on. Once you’re done, you should save a copy of the form you created by downloading it to your computer for later use. You can also send it directly to a client by clicking the SEND button. Your client will get a notification that the form has arrived and they can then fill it out online and send it back to you with one click. Once your client has filled out the form, they can save it and send it back with one click. Click here to see the tutorial on editing and sending tools.

If You Don’t See What You Want, Just Ask

We’re the only company we know that creates tools at the request of our members. If you need a tool that you can’t find write us at or click here to fill out a request form.

Using Your Library of Tools

You have more than 2,000 Tools in your Adult Library, including worksheets, assessments, audio files, and more. We add a new tool every workday, which will appear on your Home page. You can find tools through the navigation or by using the Search box. When you find a tool you like, you may want to add it to your personal library by clicking the Add to My Tools button. If you can’t find something you are looking for just ask! We create tools for members all of the time, and we can usually create something in just a few days. Please write us at customerservice@betweensessions to request a custom tool.