DBT Therapy Agreement

This PDF contains agreements for clients and therapists to sign. It was designed according to the principles of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). (1220)

HIPAA Employee Nondisclosure Agreement

This agreement is between an employee and a clinic/agency to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information by the employee. (0720)

Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

This form can be given to volunteers to ensure they understand the importance of preserving confidentiality when using, discussing, storing, transmitting, or otherwise handling client information. (0720)

Telehealth Group Counseling Agreement

This form can be given to clients who are participating in group counseling via a telehealth platform. It reviews the nature of online groups, confidentiality, safety, and the risks and benefits of these services. (0720)

Policy for Treating a Child of Divorced, Separated, or Unmarried Parents

This form outlines the terms and conditions when treating a child of divorced, separated, or unmarried parents. (0720)

Electronic Communication Policy

This form outlines the policy for electronic communication to ensure the security and confidentiality of treatment and to make sure it is consistent with ethics and laws. (0720)

Child and Adolescent Counseling Agreement

This form is designed to be given to older children and adolescents at the beginning of counseling to orient them to the basic purposes of therapy. (0720)

Agreement for Meetings with My Therapist

This form is intended to be used with older children or teens as a means to introduce the concept of confidentiality in therapy. (0720)

General Office Policies

This form is designed for therapists to give to new clients. It states general office policies, such as waiting room and building rules, payment policies, policies for contacting the therapist, and so on.