Setting Up a Client File

This checklist can be used by clinicians to make sure they are correctly organizing the paperwork for a new client. (1123, practice management, paperwork, organization)

Working with Resistant Clients

This worksheet gives therapists 15 strategies that can be used with resistant clients, including using strength-based approaches, writing a collaborative treatment plan, using solution-oriented therapy, and confronting resistance directly. Each strategy has important points to consider and a place to write down the results of each effort. (1123, difficult clients, resistance)

Welcome Letter

This Practice Management Form is designed to welcome new clients to your practice. (0523, practice management)

Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA): Client Rights and Therapist Duties

This Practice Management Form contains important information about federal law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), that provides privacy protections and patient rights regarding the use and disclosure of client Protected Health Information (PHI) used for the purpose of treatment, payment, and health care operations.  (0523, practice management)

Nature and Limits of Confidentiality

This Practice Management Form is designed to define the nature and limits of confidentiality. It is intended to be signed by the client. (0523, practice management)

Value-Guided Decision-Making

Value-guided decision-making can be applied to many areas of your clients’ lives, including career choices, relationships, personal goals, ethical dilemmas, and lifestyle decisions. This worksheet can help them identify their values and apply them when they make decisions. (0523, decision-making, values, problem-solving)

Scope of Practice Form

This Practice Management Form is designed to define the therapist’s role in providing therapy including: qualifications and credentials, description of practice, boundaries and scope limitations, and professional ethics and conduct. It is intended to be signed by the therapist and the client. (0523, practice management)

Authorization to Use Appointment Reminders

This practice management form authorizes the therapists to use either text or phone appointment reminders. (0122, practice management, forms)

How Is Therapy Helping You?

This worksheet is designed to help clients think about exactly what has been useful in their therapy. The questionnaire can be given to clients to take home or it can be used as a basis for an in-session interview. (treatment evaluation, assessment, 0217)

Professional Continuing Education Log

This form is a simple way to keep track of your continuing education credits.