Clinical Notes
Exit Interview Checklist

This worksheet gives clinicians guidelines on conducting an exit interview as well as a list of questions and issues to address with clients. (1223, interviews)

BIRP Progress Notes Template

The BIRP (Behavior, Intervention, Response, Plan) Checklist gives clinicians a guide to create uniform Progress Notes. (0621, Progress Notes, practice management, resources)

SOAP Notes (Clinical Notes)

This form can help therapists get a quick overview of a clinical sessions. (0421, practice management, clinical notes)

DAP Progress Notes Template

This is a template to record Data, Assessment, and Planning notes (DAP) for client sessions. (0121, practice management, progress notes)

Session Feedback Form

Clinicians can use this form to get feedback on each session. Ongoing feedback has been shown to foster a therapeutic alliance, a critical factor in client change. (081619)

Therapy Session Agenda

This form can be used by therapists or counselors to focus clients on a specific agenda for an individual session. You can email it to a client prior to the session, give it to a client in the waiting room, or you can use it for your own notes.

Initial Session Checklist

This checklist is designed to help therapists ensure they have “covered all the bases” with new clients.

Treatment Plan

This generic treatment plan can be modified and used to document client objectives, strategies, and methods of assessment.

Initial Session Solution-Focused Questions

This worksheet can be used as a guide for therapists to ask solution-focused questions during the early sessions of therapy. The questions are designed to stimulate the growth process of clients from their very first encounter with a therapist.

Therapeutic Tasks and Homework Assignments

This form can be used to keep track of therapeutic tasks/homework.