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Meditation For Generalized Anxiety Disorder (Spanish)

This generalized anxiety relaxation script will allow clients to experience the relaxation response, a freeing from tension, and a state of physical and mental calm by focusing on breathing, observing the state of your body, relaxing tense muscles, and meditating to calm your thoughts. The worksheet links to to a 9-minute audio and includes a complete transcript. (1123, audio, relaxation, Spanish language, anxiety, GAD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

What makes you special (Spanish)

This worksheet asks children to think about five things that make them unique. It can be used to help children understand their strengths and to spark a discussion about how everyone has special qualities

¿Qué quieres que diga tu profesor?

Esta hoja de trabajo les da a los niños la oportunidad de hablar sobre su relación con su maestro.

Recognizing unhealthy patterns of behavior- how do you know when you’ve crossed the line (Spanish)

This worksheet is designed to help couples identify harmful or verbally abusive patterns in their communication partner and learn healthier ways of approaching conflicts. (couples communication, marital therapy, couples counseling, conflict management, 1018)

Solving Problems- Kids (Spanish)

This fill-in-the-blank story asks children to think about ways to compromise when two children want different things. (problem-solving, compromise, sibling rivalry,0520)

Exercising your rights to your needs and feelings (Spanish)

This form is designed to help exercise your rights to your needs and feelings, and identify others who will validate them.

Worrying About Grades (Teens, Spanish)

This worksheet is designed to help adolescents think about whether they are worrying too much about grades and whether this is actually an anxiety disorder. The worksheet includes a 5-Step Technique to help teens deal with intrusive worries. (anxiety, school performance, 0919)

Has Your Grief Turned Into a Problem You Need to Address? (Spanish)

Has Your Grief Turned Into a Problem You Need to Address? (Spanish)

Meeting new people (Spanish)

This worksheet is designed to help children understand how to behave when they meet new people, stressing the importance of being polite and helpful. This activity can be particularly helpful for children in transition, such as starting a new school. (social skills, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD,0119)

Is Your Relationship Affected by Your Deep-Seated Fears? (Spanish)

This worksheet is designed to help people recognize when disagreements are fueled by their deep-seated fears. People are asked to write down situations when a disagreement occurs and note associated triggers, feelings, and fears. (relationships, couples therapy, marriage, 0418)

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