The Virtual Counseling Room Templates

Childhood Memories (Older Teen & Adult)

This Room is useful to help clients connect to their past. The Room includes a deck of cards with questions about a client’s childhood that challenge the client to enter answers in the “journal” or upload images, personal videos, or Youtube videos. Click here to learn more.

Connecting with Others (Adult)

This Room can help clients who describe themselves as lonely and lacking connections. An assessment tool that measures loneliness can be uploaded to the room. This Room can help clients focus on trying new ways to connect with others. Overcoming social isolation is a difficult task, but consistent efforts reinforced by the therapist can help. Click here to learn more.

Dare to Share (Older Teen)

This Room is recommended for teens and young adults who are reticent in talking about their mental health problems. There are four videos of celebrities talking about how they revealed their problems in order to get help and how this changed their lives. Clients are encouraged to upload their own videos or write about problems they are ready to share. Click here to learn more.

Emotional Regulation (Older Teen and Adult)

This Room contains daily mood rating scales for clients to rate their moods from 1 to 10. There are also four Emotional Regulation Techniques in the room: the Breathing Element, a video on using mindfulness to deal with upsetting emotions, a Progress Relaxation audio, and a worksheet called the “Resist Technique.” Click here to learn more

Healing Room for Kids (Ages 6 to 12)

This Room is designed to help children recover from a trauma or loss. It contains techniques such as belly breathing, guided meditation, suggestions for self-care, a timer, and more. The Room also has a “Feel Better” Card Deck with 25 ideas for kids to use when they are upset. The Room has one worksheet on handling difficult emotions, but you can add additional worksheets as you deem appropriate. Click here to learn more.

Mindfulness Meditation(Ages 16+)

This Room contains 4 Mindfulness Techniques, a relaxation audio, a video from UCLA Health Center explaining the principles of Mindfulness, a breathing ball, and a workbook of 12 Mindfulness Exercises. 

Movie of Your Life (Ages15 +)

This Room shows a movie theater with a large screen and clients are encouraged to upload movies they make on their phones using the ‘Video Upload’ Element. The room also includes a deck of 25 cards with prompts for making movies; however, the therapist may wish to give other instructions on what kinds of movies the client might make. Click here to learn more.

Reception (Intake) Room

This room can be used as an introduction to new clients. The Room comes preloaded with three intake forms, but you can upload as many forms as you wish using the PDF Uploader. There are over 200 practice management forms in the Between Sessions Library.  Click here to learn more.

Recovery From Trauma Room

This room features a Coping with Trauma Card Deck, a Breathing Ball, as well as a Progressive Relaxation audio. The Room also includes a PDF workbook of 12 techniques and a video on using EFT Tapping to treat trauma. Click here to learn more. 

Rules in School (Ages 6-12)

This Room includes a game that can be played by 2 to 4 players. Players roll the die, move their pawns, and pick a card from the “Rules in School” card deck when they land on a space with a question mark. They use the counter to keep track of points. Click here to learn more.

Safe Place Room

This Room provides an audio and a worksheet to teach clients a method of emotional regulation by visualizing a safe place. Clients are asked to upload their own images of a safe place and add phrases or additional images that can trigger a sense of safety, calm, and wellness. Click here to learn more.

Self-Care and Self-Compassion (Ages 16+)

This Room contains various techniques to remind clients about the importance of self-care and self-compassion. There is a Self Compassion YouTube video, the Self-Compassion Break audio, a Self-Care Deck, a breathing tool, a mood rating scale, and a Self-Care Plan worksheet. Click here to learn more.

Smile Room (Ages 16+)

This Room is designed to help clients who are struggling to feel pleasure and joy in their lives. The intention is to make humor, playfulness, and simple pleasures a daily practice. This Room can be useful with mild to severe depression, but would normally be combined with other interventions, including medication in more severe cases of depression, PTSD, and eating disorders. This Room asks the client to: “Put an image, song, or video in your Room every day for a week. Use the chart to record something you do each day to add a little more pleasure to your life.” Click here to learn more.

Storytelling Room (Ages 4-12)

This Room provides many opportunities to use stories to communicate with children about issues that are difficult for them to address directly. The stickers provide a wide range of characters to use in telling stories, and the “Storytelling” card deck provides great ways to stimulate interesting stories. Click here to learn more.