ADHD Coaching
Using the Brain Dump Technique to Reduce Stress

This worksheet describes a stress reduction technique that involves writing down everything that comes to mind on a particular topic.  A brain dump could include thoughts about a conversation, goals, worries, fears, or a list of things that are bothering you.   The worksheet describes four categories of brain dumps.  It encourages people to use a notebook or journal to practice this technique each day for two weeks and record their feelings. (0122, stress reduction, journaling)

Changing Your Habits by Understanding the “Four Tendencies” Personality Framework

This worksheet asks people to think about their personality in one of four categories: upholder, questioner, rebel, or obliger.  It then gives 7 techniques to help people can change a habit.  Charts are included to help people track and change their habits  (0123, habits, problem-solving, impulse control)

Are You Empathic?

This assessment asks people to rate statements that would reveal empathy. It then gives an interpretation of a person’s score. This scale was adapted from Baron-Cohen and Wheelwright’s Empathy Quotient. (0922, empathy, emotional intelligence)

Increasing Self-Control by Strengthening Your “No-Go” Functioning

This worksheet has 9 strategies to help people develop self-control.  A chart is also provided to help people keep track of their “no-go” efforts.  (0422, impulse control, ADHD, addiction, compulsive behavior eating disorders)

Being Still – Mindfulness Worksheet

This Mindfulness Worksheet helps people learn to just be still.  It suggests mindful tasks to practice while being still and asks people to describe their reactions to being still. (0422, mindfulness, meditation, ADHD, anxiety, focus, multi-task)

Solving Your Problems in Five Simple Steps

This worksheet describes a five-step process of solving problems helping people generate possible solutions and take appropriate actions.  (0222, problem-solving, simple solutions, brainstorming, goals)

Map Your LIfe to Make Changes

This worksheet helps people identify the changes they want to make in their lives, the things that are holding them back, and the “bridges” they need to build to get where they want to go. The worksheet uses the metaphor of a map to help people see what they need to create their own future. (0222, problem-solving, goal setting, beliefs, executive functioning)

Breaking a Problem or Task Into Small Steps

This worksheet will help people who having a difficult time solving a problem or are procrastinating about a particular task.

ADHD Fact Sheet

General fact sheet on identifying ADHD in children.