Happiness Coaching
The Positivity Journal

This journal is designed to use the principles of positive psychology to help people develop a more optimistic view of the world. The daily worksheets are designed to help people identify their mood, develop the habit of gratitude, pay attention to positive events, and work towards their goals. The Journal consists of 31 pages for a month’s worth of entries. (0224, positive psychology, daily journal, optimism, CBT).

Calming Cards

There are seven Calming Cards, one for every day of the week. People are asked to practice Mindful Meditation by slowly tracing each image with a finger while practicing deep breathing. This is a simple technique that can be used to practice relaxation and mindfulness. (1023, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, anxiety, sorry)

Understanding and Addressing Burnout

This worksheet explains the different causes of feelings of “burnout” and provides a checklist that helps people identify the physical, emotional, and behavioral signs that they are being affected by this problem. It goes on to help people identify where their stress is coming from and develop short and long-term goals to address the problems contributing to their burnout. (0823, work stress, family stress, burnout)

Flow State Meditation (Audio)

This 7-minute audio is designed to help people get into a state of flow, where even hard work can seem effortless. The ability to achieve a flow state readily can be a key to alleviating depressive symptoms. The worksheet includes a transcript of the audio. (0723, happiness, depression_

Learned Optimism A.D.V.E.R.S.E. Events Log

This worksheet teaches the A.D.V.E.R.S.E. model developed by Martin Seligman to teach clients a realistic and optimistic style of thinking. The acronym stands for adversity, beliefs, consequence, disputation, and energization. The worksheet includes a chart for people to use for a two-week period to help change negative and pessimistic thoughts into realistic/optimistic thoughts. (0523, depression, learned optimism)

Is Pet Ownership Right for You to Promote Your Mental Health?

Owning a pet can be beneficial to a person’s mental and physical health. But pet ownership comes with responsibilities and is not right for everyone. This worksheet is designed to help people explore how owning pet might affect their lives before they make this commitment. (0423, pet therapy, depression, oxytocin)

Using the SCAMPER Problem-Solving Technique to Increase Creative Thinking

The SCAMPER problem-solving technique encourages people to use their imagination and creativity to generate new ideas. The method includes 7 phases of exploring solutions.  The worksheet takes the user through the 7 steps with in-depth questions. (0123, problem-solving)

Using the Brain Dump Technique to Reduce Stress

This worksheet describes a stress reduction technique that involves writing down everything that comes to mind on a particular topic.  A brain dump could include thoughts about a conversation, goals, worries, fears, or a list of things that are bothering you.   The worksheet describes four categories of brain dumps.  It encourages people to use a notebook or journal to practice this technique each day for two weeks and record their feelings. (0122, stress reduction, journaling)

Help for The Holidays

This workbook contains 15 worksheets to help clients who are struggling with holiday problems like loneliness, family estrangement, depression, and more. (1222, holidays, stress, depression, drinking problems)

Avoiding Holiday Burnout

This worksheet is designed to help people who are over-stressed by the holidays and starting to feel depressed rather than enjoying what the holidays can offer. The worksheet gives 8 recommendations for handling holiday burnout and a series of questions to help people find ways to deal with this common problem. (1222,

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