Career Coaching
Coping with Failure

This worksheet is designed to help people cope with failure using a 7-step process.  (0123, depression, work issues, self-esteem, self-efficacy)

Changing Your Habits by Understanding the “Four Tendencies” Personality Framework

This worksheet asks people to think about their personality in one of four categories: upholder, questioner, rebel, or obliger.  It then gives 7 techniques to help people can change a habit.  Charts are included to help people track and change their habits  (0123, habits, problem-solving, impulse control)

Cultivating the Habits of Successful People

This worksheet details the habits and skills common to successful people, such as social awareness, networking, a passion for learning and self-improvement, and so on.  The worksheet includes a chart for people to keep track of their success-oriented activities and behaviors. (1122, work, success, motivation, achievement, fulfillment)

Do You Intimidate Others?

This worksheet is designed for people who may not be aware that they are intimidating to others. The worksheet defines behavior that makes up intimidation and the negative consequences intimidation has on others.  The worksheet then gives 8 steps to help people reduce non-intentional intimidation. (0722, social skills, bully, workplace, relationships)

Discover Your Life Purpose

This worksheet guides people through 10 activities to help them find their “Life Purpose.”  Guided questions help them think about their unique strengths and gifts as well as their values. (0422, values, coaching, happiness, meaning, depression)

Solving Your Problems in Five Simple Steps

This worksheet describes a five-step process of solving problems helping people generate possible solutions and take appropriate actions.  (0222, problem-solving, simple solutions, brainstorming, goals)

How to Stop Unhelpful Rumination

This worksheet is designed to help people who persist in thinking about the same thing over and over again without solving a problem or addressing an issue productively.  The worksheet distinguishes from helpful and unhelpful rumination and helps people understand when rumination becomes excessive.  The worksheet gives 10 tips on how to deal with unhelpful and excessive rumination as well as practical steps to deal with this problem. (0122, OCD, rumination, anxiety)

Managing Irritability and Agitation

This worksheet is designed to help people who are often irritated and agitated learn to notice these problems before they get out of hand and understand the social consequences of their behavior. It suggests several ways to cope with these problems and a chart to measure thoughts, behaviors, and consequences. (1121. Bipolar Disorder, relationships, workplace)

What Are Your Coaching Goals?

This worksheet is designed to help people understand the process of setting coaching goals and what they hope to achieve in their coaching journey. (1021. Coaching, goal setting)

Restore Your Career Confidence

This worksheet is designed to help people who lack confidence and have low self-esteem related to their job or career. It suggests six psychological exercises to help people explore their feelings and pay attention to how their skills and talents can enhance their work and the rest of their life.

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