Wellness Coaching
Cancer Care Journal

This journal is designed to support people throughout their cancer treatment journey, offering people coping with cancer a tool to help them organize their thoughts and track their experiences. This journal can assist people in addressing different facets of their journey, including emotional, physical, and practical considerations. Each page has dedicated sections designed to record essential information. (0224. cancer, treatment, oncology)

The Positivity Journal

This journal is designed to use the principles of positive psychology to help people develop a more optimistic view of the world. The daily worksheets are designed to help people identify their mood, develop the habit of gratitude, pay attention to positive events, and work towards their goals. The Journal consists of 31 pages for a month’s worth of entries. (0224, positive psychology, daily journal, optimism, CBT).

B.E.T. on Yourself

This worksheet discusses three components of personal growth: Believe in Yourself, Excitement, and Take Action. The worksheet is designed to help people explore their skills and strengths, develop a passion for their goals and dreams, and commit to specific steps to find new achievements. (0224. positive psychology, coaching, self-worth, self-esteem)

The Values Journal

This 60-page journal encourages people to explore their values and how they affect their day-to-day choices and behaviors. This is a great way to combine the techniques of values clarification and journaling. The journal can either be downloaded and printed out or filled out online using our Psychology Forms Filler or Virtual Counseling Rooms. (0224, journal, ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

Mental Health Maintenance Plan

Keeping your mental health in check involves a combination of self-care practices, effective coping strategies, and recognizing when it might be time to reach out for professional support. This worksheet helps people keep track of various wellness practices as well as identify the triggers and warning signs of mental health problems. (1223, wellness)

Understanding the Benefits of Exercise to Fight Depression and Anxiety

Many scientific studies have established a strong link between exercise and improved mental health. This worksheet specifies the specific mental health benefits that come with regular exercise and guides people on how to start a consistent and sustainable exercise program. (1223, exercise, depression, anxiety, wellness, habits)

Coping with the Loss of Hope by Using Daily Affirmations

This worksheet explains how hopelessness can manifest itself in a person’s daily life, including physical symptoms, impaired decision-making, and social isolation. It explains how affirmations can improve resilience, self-compassion, and positivity. The worksheet gives instructions on how to create meaningful affirmations and includes a chart for people to see how affirmations can affect their moods and behaviors. (1023. depression, cognitive restructuring)

Calming Cards

There are seven Calming Cards, one for every day of the week. People are asked to practice Mindful Meditation by slowly tracing each image with a finger while practicing deep breathing. This is a simple technique that can be used to practice relaxation and mindfulness. (1023, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, anxiety, sorry)

Do You Feel Hopeless?

Hopelessness is one of the most serious symptoms of depression. But hope can be regained. This worksheet 7 strategies to regain hope including connecting with others, self-care, engaging in problem-solving, and “arguing the opposite.” (1023, depression, dysthymia)

Exploring Your Identity After the Death of a Loved One

This worksheet will guide people through the process of exploring their identity after a significant loss. By exploring their personal qualities and engaging in thoughtful self-reflection, people can navigate their grief journey while honoring their unique identity. (0723, grief, self-image, identify, loss, healing)

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