Asperger Syndrome
Stop the Comparison Game (Teens)

This worksheet is intended to help teens understand that continuously comparing themselves to others can be detrimental to their self-esteem. A chart is used for teens to think about how they have compared themselves to someone they know and how this comparison made them feel.  Questions guide teens to find ways to appreciate others without comparing themselves unfavorably. (0123, self-image, self-worth, identity, social skills)

Understanding Others (Teens)

This worksheet teaches teens the different types of empathy and helps them understand how to increase their empathy by reading body language, being compassionate, and listening carefully to others. (1222, empathy, behavior problems, social problems, Asperger Syndrome, ASD)

Coping with Feeling Excluded (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens deal with being excluded. It instructs them to accept their feelings, avoid jumping to conclusions, communicate their needs, pay attention to their strengths, and more. Questions help teens explore the times they have felt excluded and think about what they could have done differently. (1222, social skills, loneliness, peer pressure)

Assess Your Stress (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help educate teens about positive and negative stress. It explains that negative stress can lead to physical as well as psychological symptoms.  It also suggests activities to help teens reduce stress. (1122, stress, anxiety, depression)

Asking Good Questions

This worksheet deals with the type of communication many people take for granted-asking good questions. The Worksheet review the 3 basic types of questions and 10 points on how to ask good questions that move a conversation forward and make it interesting for another person. (0620, social skills, conversational skills, communication)

Dealing with Losing (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens deal with losing gracefully and with good sportsmanship.  It gives them specific strategies for coping with losing that will let them still enjoy the competition.  (0622, sportsmanship, gaming, games, losing, behavior, social skills, friendship)

Are You Self-Compassionate?

This worksheet is designed to help people evaluate how self-compassionate they are and how they can treat themselves difficulty tough times.   The scale measures self-compassion on a 100 point scale. (0122, self-compassion, depression, Bipolar, anxiety)

What is the Snowman Feeling?

This worksheet helps young teen explore their feelings and the nature of mixed feelings. (1221, middle school, feelings, emotions, emotional intelligence)

Your Most Important Assignment Is YOU Teen Workbook

This workbook is designed to help teens learn a variety of mental health skills to deal with anxiety and depression, as well as other common mental health problems.

Improving Your Time Management Skills

This worksheet helps people with time management problems become more aware of the passage of time and the distractions that can become “time-eaters.” It gives specific techniques to use to help people plan their time more effectively. (ADHD, ASD, time management, 0620)

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