Health Issues
Walking in the Forest (Audio)

This 10-minute audio was created to help people cope when they are feeling anxious or stressed. (0922, anxiety, relaxation techniques, audio)

Progressive Relaxation (Audio)

This 31-minute audio created by Dartmouth Health Service will people cope when they are feeling anxious or stressed. (0822, anxiety, relaxation techniques)

Adjusting to Dorm Life

This worksheet is designed to help new college students have a better experience in their dormitory.  It suggests specific ways to deal with roommates while also paying attention to their own wellness needs.  (0522, college, relationships, transitions, adjustment)

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

This worksheet is designed to help people understand the importance of getting enough sleep. It gives people strategies to get more sleep and a form to record their sleeping habits for a week.

Understanding and Changing Your Unhealthy Habits

This worksheet is designed to help people identify and keep track of problematic habits and replace them with healthier behaviors. (1220, behavior, habit control)

COVID-19 Stay Safe Pledge (High School)

This pledge is designed help keep teens from participating in behaviors that might put themselves and their families at risk for getting COVID-19. (behavior contract, pandemic, COVID-19, 092420)

Exercising at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This worksheet gives people ways to exercise at home during the coronavirus pandemic. It suggests different apps and online tools people can try and asks them to track their exercise habits. (depression, anxiety, exercise, coronavirus, pandemic, COVID-19, 0320)

Is COVID-19 Triggering Other Mental Health Concerns?

This worksheet is intended to help people determine if anxiety about the coronavirus is triggering other mental health problems. (generalized anxiety disorder, COVID-19, pandemic, coronavirus, fear, 0320)

Addressing Anxiety About the Coronavirus

This fact sheet was prepared by the Univ of California at Berkeley to help people understand how to handle anxiety and fears regarding the coronavirus. (health anxiety, 0320)

Suicide Prevention Organizational Self-Study

Brought to you by the Zero Suicide group, this self-study assessment tool is designed to help you determine if your organization is doing all it can to prevent suicides.