Grief And Loss
Exploring Your Identity After the Death of a Loved One

This worksheet will guide people through the process of exploring their identity after a significant loss. By exploring their personal qualities and engaging in thoughtful self-reflection, people can navigate their grief journey while honoring their unique identity. (0723, grief, self-image, identify, loss, healing)

Let the Sunshine Into Your Life (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens and their families heal from a significant loss. (0723, grief, loss, healing, trauma)

Why Do Bad Things Happen? (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens explore their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about events in their lives that have been difficult for them to understand and accept. It also gives them coping strategies to deal with difficult feelings. (0723, loss, trauma, healing, grief)

Exploring “If Only” Statements and “What If” Questions When Someone Dies (Teens)

Exploring “what if” questions and “if only” statements can be an important way for teens to process grief. While this may seem to some that teens are trying to “re-write” the past with these questions, in fact voicing these questions helps them express and understand the emotions connected with their loss. Exploring these questions can help facilitate the eventual acceptance of the loss and stimulate the healing process. (0723. grief, loss, death)

Bad Day Do-Over (Teens)

This worksheet gives teens the tools to deal with difficult emotions that can translate into a “bad day.” Learning emotional regulation can of course translate into a lifetime of handling difficulties and stress. (1122, emotional regulation, stress)

Grounding Meditation

This audio recorded by Dartmouth College Health Service can be used by people who feel overwhelmed by their emotions. It is just over 20 minutes long. (0822, audio, grounding, bipolar disorder, emotional regulation)

Your Life Playlists (Teens)

This worksheet can help teens use music to deal with stress and express their feelings. (0622, music therapy, emotional regulation)

Being Still – Mindfulness Worksheet

This Mindfulness Worksheet helps people learn to just be still.  It suggests mindful tasks to practice while being still and asks people to describe their reactions to being still. (0422, mindfulness, meditation, ADHD, anxiety, focus, multi-task)

My Changing Family (Teens)

This worksheet for teens is designed to help them talk and accept difficult feelings related to changes in their families. (0322, teen anxiety, teen depression, resiliency, positive thinking)

Moving On After a Loss

This worksheet is designed to help people who experienced a loss “move forward with hope for the future.”  The worksheet gives specific ideas on what a person can do to move on and provides a chart for them to keep track of the activities they tried and how it made them feel. (0322, healing, grief, loss, mourning)

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