Grief And Loss
Bad Day Do-Over (Teens)

This worksheet gives teens the tools to deal with difficult emotions that can translate into a “bad day.” Learning emotional regulation can of course translate into a lifetime of handling difficulties and stress. (1122, emotional regulation, stress)

Grounding Meditation

This audio recorded by Dartmouth College Health Service can be used by people who feel overwhelmed by their emotions. It is just over 20 minutes long. (0822, audio, grounding, bipolar disorder, emotional regulation)

Your Life Playlists (Teens)

This worksheet can help teens use music to deal with stress and express their feelings. (0622, music therapy, emotional regulation)

Being Still – Mindfulness Worksheet

This Mindfulness Worksheet helps people learn to just be still.  It suggests mindful tasks to practice while being still and asks people to describe their reactions to being still. (0422, mindfulness, meditation, ADHD, anxiety, focus, multi-task)

My Changing Family (Teens)

This worksheet for teens is designed to help them talk and accept difficult feelings related to changes in their families. (0322, teen anxiety, teen depression, resiliency, positive thinking)

Moving On After a Loss

This worksheet is designed to help people who experienced a loss “move forward with hope for the future.”  The worksheet gives specific ideas on what a person can do to move on and provides a chart for them to keep track of the activities they tried and how it made them feel. (0322, healing, grief, loss, mourning)

Acceptance of Our Circumstances (Mindfulness)

This mindfulness worksheet helps people accept what happens to them in life, rather than dwelling on disappointment and resentment. (0322, mindfulness)

My Grief Rights (Teens)

The loss of a loved one creates a lot of confusion for teens, and they may not know how to act or even what to feel.  This worksheet reminds them that they have the right to all of their feelings surrounding their grief as well as behaviors which may not be exactly what others expect. The worksheet contains follow-up questions which are intended to help teens explore their feelings and develop healthy ways to cope with grief. (0222, teen, grief, loss, healing)

Writing About Your Loss

This worksheet explains the benefits of writing to cope with the difficult feelings that come with a loss. The worksheet includes writing prompts to help people get started. (0222, grieving, mourning, loss, coping, journaling)

Keeping Calm with Your Family (Teens)

This worksheet gives teens suggestions on how to keep calm when upsetting things happen in their families like arguments, pressures, and certain conversations. (0122, family therapy, family problems, conflict-resolution, self-calming)

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