Understanding Others (Teens)

This worksheet teaches teens the different types of empathy and helps them understand how to increase their empathy by reading body language, being compassionate, and listening carefully to others. (1222, empathy, behavior problems, social problems, Asperger Syndrome, ASD)

Coping with Feeling Excluded (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens deal with being excluded. It instructs them to accept their feelings, avoid jumping to conclusions, communicate their needs, pay attention to their strengths, and more. Questions help teens explore the times they have felt excluded and think about what they could have done differently. (1222, social skills, loneliness, peer pressure)

Learning How to Calm Down Quickly

This worksheet gives people simple ideas to turn off the “fight or flight” response.  A chart is included to help people keep track of which techniques are most effective. (0822, anxiety, calming, self-calming)

Improving Your Self-Awareness

This worksheet is designed to help people increase their self-awareness which can help in emotional regulation and in social interactions.  A chart is provided to help people keep track of their thoughts and feelings as they encounter challenging situations. (0722, self-awareness, insight, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, relationships)

You Can Do It! (Teens)

This CBT worksheet is designed to give teens a positive attitude about trying even though something is difficult. (0422, motivation, positive attitude, CBT)

What is the Snowman Feeling?

This worksheet helps young teen explore their feelings and the nature of mixed feelings. (1221, middle school, feelings, emotions, emotional intelligence)

Are You Being Bullied?

This worksheet gives teens 14 ways to deal with bullies and encourages them to create an anti-bullying plan. (1121, bullying, school bullying)

Use the Turtle Technique to Manage Your Feelings (Middle School)

This worksheet for Middle School students teaches students a 4-step technique to handle difficult feelings.  An included chart helps students keep track of how successful they are at using this technique. (1121, depression, anxiety, anger)

M and M Feelings Game

This fun game makes it easy to get people to talk about their feelings. A blank version of the game is included to write in your own questions/statements (emotions, emotional intelligence, communication, 0919)

Asking Good Questions Fortune Teller

This worksheet shows people how to cut out and fold a Fortune Teller, which is designed to help kids talk about themselves, their likes and dislikes, and more.