Workplace Issues
Creativity Meditation (Audio)

This four-minute audio meditation is designed to stimulate problem-solving and creativity. (0323, problem-solving, stuck, stress reduction)

Treasure Mapping to Achieve Your Goal (teens)

This worksheet uses the concept of a treasure map to teach teens how they can identify and work towards their goals. (0222, goal setting, motivation, problem-solving)

8 Ways to Increase Your Motivation

This worksheet teaches 8 strategies to help people motivate themselves to perform difficult tasks.

How Long Does It Take For You to Complete a Task?

This worksheet is designed to help people improve their ability to estimate how long it takes to complete specific tasks. It is particularly an important skill in school and in the workplace. (0521, time management, simple solutions, workplace)

Tarjetas para Efectuar Cambios Positivos

These Coping Cards can be used by people who want to replace negative behaviors with positive ones. A useful technique to help in breaking negative habits. Spanish Version. (Spanish, 0221, negative thinking)

Creating a Hope Map to Achieve Your Goals

This worksheet explains how people an increase their levels of hope and engage in goal-oriented behavior by making a diagram which considers goals, pathways, and obstacles. (1220, goal-setting, COVID-19, pandemic, depression, problem-solving, wellness, motivation)

Using the 2-Chair Technique to Change Your Perspective

This worksheet asks people to visual two chairs, one representing an optimistic attitude and the other a pessimistic attitude and answer a series of questions from each perspective. (perspective taking, optimism, 1220)

Visualizing Your Goals Using Mental Imagery

This worksheet is designed to help people motivate themselves to achieve their goals by practicing a visualization technique (1220)

Getting Organized with the 3-Card Technique

This worksheet teaches people with ADHD a simple technique using index cards to organize their things.
(executive functioning disorder, ADHD, organization, 0720)

Improving Your Time Management Skills

This worksheet helps people with time management problems become more aware of the passage of time and the distractions that can become “time-eaters.” It gives specific techniques to use to help people plan their time more effectively. (ADHD, ASD, time management, 0620)

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