The Mindfulness Workbook

This workbook contains 12 worksheets that teach important mindful practices including letting go, being positive, staying in the present, mindful breathing, having healthy boundaries, and more.

Do You Spend Too Much Time on Your Phone?

This worksheet describes the “symptoms” of phone addiction.  It provides a checklist of behaviors that might indicate a problem. It also eight suggests on how to become less dependent on a phone if it is interfering with other aspects of your life.  A chart is provided to help people develop a plan to decrease their phone dependence. (1221, phone addiction, addiction, relationships)

How Do You Deal with Emotional Pain

This worksheet is designed to help people build resiliency by understanding how they react to emotional pain. (0421, resiliency, awareness, self-perception)

Tarjetas para Efectuar Cambios Positivos

These Coping Cards can be used by people who want to replace negative behaviors with positive ones. A useful technique to help in breaking negative habits. Spanish Version. (Spanish, 0221, negative thinking)

Stopping the Cycle of Self-Hatred

This worksheet is designed to help people become aware of their critical inner voice that can lead to self-hatred. The worksheet asks people to identify their self-statements and change them to more realistic and forgiving statements. (depression, self-criticism, automatic thoughts, CBT, 100720)

Using a Pros and Cons List to Control Your Urges (Distress Tolerance)

This worksheet is designed to help people identify the consequences of both acting on and resisting their harmful urges. This DBT Distress Tolerance technique is intended to help trigger the cognitive processes that can help people in impulse control. (DBT, distress tolerance, 1119)

See the Big Picture

This worksheet is designed to help people regulate emotions by seeing the big picture rather than on just focusing on the negative aspects of a situation. The exercise is designed to help people evaluate problems accurately and objectively. (DBT, emotional regulation, 1019)

Recovering from Addiction with the HOPE Technique

This worksheet describes the HOPE Technique to help people in their recovery from addiction. The technique includes: healing, openness, patience, and openness. (alcohol addiction, drug addiction, healing, 0419)

DBT-Introduction to Emotional Regulation

This worksheet is designed to help people learn the DBT skills of identifying feelings, then observing and naming them as a way of helping to regulate emotions. (emotional regulation, depression, bi-polar disorder, 0419)

Treat Yourself Like a Good Friend

This worksheet is designed to help people understand the importance of self-compassion and to treat themselves as they would a good friend. (depression, anxiety, addiction, prevention, 032719)

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