Anxiety Disorders
Strengthening Your Relations (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens build strong peer relationships. It asks them to explore their relationship goals and gives concrete steps to help them connect with others. (0124, Asperger Syndrome, friends, social connection)

Understanding Instant Relief Traps

Instant relief traps are actions or behaviors that offer a quick but temporary escape from emotional distress. This worksheet helps people think about behaviors they do for instant release and if they are helpful or hurtful to their physical and/or mental health.

Get Out of Your Thinking Trap (Teens)

This worksheet helps teens understand the various kinds of dysfunctional thinking like catastrophizing, all-or-nothing thinking, discounting the positive, and more. (1123, depression, anxiety, CBT, Cognitive Behavior Modification)

Do You Feel Like a Burden? (Teens)

Teens who have problems often feel like they are a burden on others. This worksheet is designed to help teens understand that even though they may have problems they are still loved and valued and connected to others in many positive ways. (1123, depression, suicidal ideation, bipolar, self-injury)

Feelings Jar

Kids and teens can use this jar to express their feelings. (1023. emotional regulation, feelings, communication)

Calming Cards

There are seven Calming Cards, one for every day of the week. People are asked to practice Mindful Meditation by slowly tracing each image with a finger while practicing deep breathing. This is a simple technique that can be used to practice relaxation and mindfulness. (1023, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, anxiety, sorry)

Embrace Your Reflection: A Body Image Workbook for Teen Girls

Written by a teen with a firsthand understanding of the pressures on teenage girls, this workbook presents a variety of easy-to-use exercises to help teens accept their bodies. The workbook includes 30 different techniques, including affirmations, diary sheets, coping skills, and more. 44 pages (0823, body dysmorphia, body image, eating disorder, anorexia)

What to Do When You Have Scary Thoughts (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens identify unrealistic thoughts that cause fear and anxiety. It teaches them to talk back to these thoughts as well as develop coping skills to deal with anxiety and fear. (0723. anxiety disorders, GAD, intrusive thoughts, automatic thoughts)

Think About Your Thinking (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens understand the concept of “metacognition” or thinking about their thinking. It’s designed to help teens develop a variety of executive functioning activities including problem-solving, goal-setting, and time management. (0623, executive functioning, memory, problem-solving)

Coping with Feeling Excluded (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens deal with being excluded. It instructs them to accept their feelings, avoid jumping to conclusions, communicate their needs, pay attention to their strengths, and more. Questions help teens explore the times they have felt excluded and think about what they could have done differently. (1222, social skills, loneliness, peer pressure)

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