Creating a Music Playlist to Shift Your Mood

This worksheet suggests that people make a playlist to help them shift their mood if they are angry, depressed, anxious, or upset. It guides them to select a song that reflects their current feelings, and then several transition songs. The playlist ends with a song that could trigger a desired emotion. (0624, depression, music therapy, mood, emotional regulation)

Do You Have a Hard Time with Changes in Your Life? (Teens)

Teens face constant changes and transitions and many have a difficult time with these challenges. This worksheet asks teens to divide a circle into four quadrants: thoughts, feelings, challenges, and opportunities. Then it asks teens to explore each of these areas as related to a current change they are dealing with. (0424, transitions, divorce, school problems, friendships)

Signs I am in Crisis

This worksheet is designed to help people identify signs that suggest they may be experiencing a crisis. The worksheet includes a checklist of symptoms as well as techniques that can help them deal with the acute stress. It concludes by asking people to identify friends or family who can help them get through this difficult period. (0124, depression, suicidal ideation, stress)

Calming Cards

There are seven Calming Cards, one for every day of the week. People are asked to practice Mindful Meditation by slowly tracing each image with a finger while practicing deep breathing. This is a simple technique that can be used to practice relaxation and mindfulness. (1023, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, anxiety, sorry)

Let the Sunshine Into Your Life (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens and their families heal from a significant loss. (0723, grief, loss, healing, trauma)

Why Do Bad Things Happen? (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens explore their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about events in their lives that have been difficult for them to understand and accept. It also gives them coping strategies to deal with difficult feelings. (0723, loss, trauma, healing, grief)