Talking About Feelings Card Game

This fun card deck can easily be cut out and assembled to help children and teens learn the importance of communicating their feelings and understanding the feelings of others. The game is played like the classic card game “War,” where players turn over a card and the highest number takes all the cards. But first, you have to answer the question, “Describe a time you felt this way.” There are many ways to use these cards including sending them home for families to use “between sessions.” (0823, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation)

Keep Calm and Relax (Teens)

This worksheet helps teens learn relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing, meditation, visualization, and more. A chart is included to help teens keep track of how practicing relaxation techniques affects their moods. (1222, relaxation, emotional regulation, stress)

Assess Your Stress (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help educate teens about positive and negative stress. It explains that negative stress can lead to physical as well as psychological symptoms.  It also suggests activities to help teens reduce stress. (1122, stress, anxiety, depression)

My Changing Family (Teens)

This worksheet for teens is designed to help them talk and accept difficult feelings related to changes in their families. (0322, teen anxiety, teen depression, resiliency, positive thinking)

Keeping Calm with Your Family (Teens)

This worksheet gives teens suggestions on how to keep calm when upsetting things happen in their families like arguments, pressures, and certain conversations. (0122, family therapy, family problems, conflict-resolution, self-calming)

Using the Belief-O-Meter to See That All Thoughts Are Not Facts

This worksheet is designed to help teens understand that just because they think something is real, that doesn’t mean it is a fact.  This cognitive-restructuring technique can be used to help teens deal with fears and anxiety. (2021, fears, anxiety, cognitive restructuring, CBT)

When Your Divorced Parents Argue (Teens)

This worksheet is designed to help teens know what to do when their divorced parents are constantly arguing and fighting. It helps teens think about how this discord is affecting them and gives them specific directions on how they can stay out of the middle of family problems. (divorce, arguments, family therapy, 1219)

Pausing During a Distressing Situation: The REST Technique

This worksheet helps people deal with overwhelming emotions by using the REST technique (relax, evaluate, set an intention, take action). It is designed to help people regain control over their emotions. (DBT, emotional regulation, 1119)

The GIVE Technique for Interpersonal Effectiveness

This worksheet is designed to help clients lower their emotional reactivity and be more of aware of the emotional needs of others. (DBT, 0424)

Do You Often Feel Guilty or Ashamed?

This worksheet is designed to help people who are overwhelmed with guilt and shame. It helps people examine the causes of these feelings and what they can do to get closure. It also teaches the concept of self-compassion. (depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, guilt, shame, self-compassion, 0319)

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