Making Good Choices (Kids)

This worksheet teaches children the importance of making good choices. (1222, decisions, problem-solving)

Emotions Poster

You can use this poster to help children identify and express their feelings. (1022. emotions, emotional intelligence, feelings)

Kindness Posters

Designed by the Random Acts of Kindness organization, these six posters remind us that kindness comes in many forms and includes committing to values like respect, inclusiveness, responsibility, caring, integrity, and courage. The posters make great reminders of these character traits for use in a home or school.

Unload Your Problem Backpack (Kids and Teens)

This worksheet asks kids and teens to think about the problems, worries, and upsetting emotions that are “weighing them down.” It uses the metaphor of a Problem Background to help kids and teens identify the thoughts and feelings that are causing them problems and how to let them go. (0622 , depression, anxiety)

The Caring Calendar

What could be more important than caring?  This tool by RandomActsofKindness.org is designed to give families practical ways to support caring for others as well as self-care in the home. (0422, emotional intelligence, caring, self-care)

Am I a Bully?

This worksheet presents characteristics of bullying behavior for kids to rate themselves. (1021. bully, bullying, behavior, ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

Bullying Prevention Role Play game

This role-playing game helps children act out solutions to various bullying scenarios and also discuss different ways to deal with bullying. (1019)

What Can Sarah Do About Bullying?

This worksheet asks kids to think of different ways to handle bullying using a code to get ideas. (character education, resilience, 0819)

Asking Good Questions Fortune Teller

This worksheet shows people how to cut out and fold a Fortune Teller, which is designed to help kids talk about themselves, their likes and dislikes, and more.

Think Positive Board Game

This printable board game teaches children to change negative to positive thinking, anticipate negative consequences, solve interpersonal problems, and develop a positive value system. It takes just a few minutes to cut out the cards and paste on the backs, and you are ready to play this inspiring game. (0218)