Early Childhood
I Love My Father

This picture book for young children is designed to help children appreciate and express love for their fathers. It is also intended to help fathers understand how important they are in the lives of their children. (0622. family, parenting, fathers)

Steps to Become a Better Parent

This worksheet summarizes 17 key points in becoming a better parent, like: following through, monitoring screen time, asking questions, answering questions, and more.  There is a brief description of each tip and a chart for parents to monitor which tips are most helpful. (0122, parenting)

911 Coloring Book

This coloring book and activity book can be used to help teach young children the importance of calling 911 in an emergency (safety, prevention, 1018)

Friendship Poster

This poster can be put in the home or the classroom to remind all of us about the importance of friendship. (values, character education, social skills, 0818)

Caught Being Good Certificcate

This certificate can be used to reward children each day for positive behavior. PDF (behavior, behavior management, 0516)

Good Behavior Program and Coloring Book

This ebook doubles as a coloring book and behavior program that teaches kids 30 positive behaviors. Parents find it easier to reward positive behaviors than to use conventional discipline techniques. The program also teaches kids emotional and social skills that will go far beyond the traditional definition of good behavior.

Discipline for Kids

This handout describes positive discipline techniques for children, including time out, removal of toys, and active listening. A good starting point for parents of children with behavior problems. Form Type: PDF 914

Sexual Development and Behavior In Children

This handout is designed to help parents understand the sexual development and typical behavior of children and to respond appropriately. Form Type: PDF. 914

Belly Breathing For Kids

This is a brief explanation of breathing techniques and the supporting research for their use, intended for therapists. File Type: PDF

Teaching Kids To Be Thoughtful

This coloring sheet can be used to introduce the concepts of thoughtfulness and consideration to children. It can also be used as a mini-behavior program, letting children color in a star every time they do something thoughtful.